About us

LIA and the Wolter Foundation are social charitable trusts under the Romanian law, focusing on various projects for children and youth welfare. Our efforts are geared towards handicaped and socially deprived children and teenagers. Based in Grevenbroich (Nordrhein-Westfalia), Germany, the non-profit organisation “LIA e.V. Projekthilfe in Rumänien” does coordinate and support LIA- and the Wolter-Foundation.

During the last years, our supporters made it possible to realize practical support by building a village and apartements for young people in Lokod, family housings, advisory centers, a house for assisted living and a sheltered work shop.

In our projects we do currently take care of 60 to 70 children and young people. But even more do benefit from the provided instututions and services. They take courses for their vocational training, visit leisure activities and holiday camps.

The legal entities for all projects are the charitable foundations “Fundatia LIA” and “Fundatia Wolter”, both founded in Romania.